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​New Pangenome To Include More Genetic Diversity

Scientists have updated the human genome to make it more diverse. This will help us better understand the genetics behind diseases.

Original human genome

The original human genome was released in 2003. It is a complete map of the building blocks of our DNA. However, 70% of the genome came from just one donor, an American man with European and African ancestry.

New pangenome

The new ‘pangenome’ is drawn from 47 anonymous individuals from every continent except Antarctica and Oceania. Half have sub-Saharan African ancestry; a third are from the Americas, and 13% are from China. Genetic diversity is highest in sub-Saharan Africa, so it is important to include more donors from there.

The first draft of the genome launched a new era in scientific discovery and medical innovation. The latest draft will let scientists study a digital amalgamation of different genomes to see how genetic variation impacts health and disease.

The Pangenome project is still ongoing. Researchers aim to include 350 people by 2024.

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Shyam Bishen

February 29, 2024

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