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Switzerland is the world’s top talent hub. Here's why

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Switzerland has been named the world's most talent-competitive country according to INSEAD, a prestigious business school. This ranking is based on a country's ability to train, attract, and retain workers. Experts attribute this success to several factors.

Key factors for Switzerland's success

Here are a few reasons that contribute to the success of Switzerland as the world's best talent hub, in addition to the high rankings in various other aspects of development:

  • Stability and Investment: Switzerland's political stability and low risk profile attract businesses and foreign investors, driving economic growth and job creation.
  • Education System: Switzerland's excellent education system places strong focus on vocational training and apprenticeships, resulting in a large pool of highly skilled workers.
  • Sustainability and Quality of Life: The stunning natural environment of Switzerland combined with strong social protections like generous pensions and unemployment benefits attracts global talent.

Global talent landscape

Switzerland leads, but faces rising competition from Singapore's educated workforce and the US's prestigious universities. The report predicts a fiercer fight for talent in the coming decade, highlighting skills gaps and talent attraction as hurdles to industry transformation.

Organizations surveyed for the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2023 suggest better promotion and career progression opportunities as the most promising way to address these challenges.

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