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This K-pop song was released in 6 languages thanks to AI

Singer MIDNATT recorded ‘Masquerade’ in Korean first, then sang it in a different language. Native speakers were brought in to read the lyrics aloud, and AI combined the two to fine-tune his pronunciation. The AI is developed by start-up Superton, which was acquired by HYBE, South Korea’s largest pop label, in January. K-pop stars have recorded songs in Japanese and English before, but a simultaneous 6-language release is a global first.

AI Could Translate Songs in Real-Time

Right now, the pronunciation correction process takes ‘weeks or months’, according to HYBE. But one day, AI could translate songs in real-time. This would make it possible for K-pop stars to reach a wider audience around the world.

AI is Changing the Music Industry in Other Ways

Streaming platforms use AI to analyse users’ listening habits to pick the perfect playlist. AIs are even composing their own music or being employed as collaborators. The pop star Grimes recently said she’d split the royalties 50% on any successful AI-generated track that used her voice.

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