The Chinese economy is at the centre of global attention. The sharpened focus comes after recent falls on the stockmarket, which have taken Shanghai share prices back to where they were six months ago.

Shanghai SE composite Index

Shanghai year


The falls have been sparked by concerns that the Chinese economy is slowing.

Chinese real GDP growth

Source: Chinese National Bureau of Statistics; Vox

A Chinese slowdown has a big impact on the global economy, in particular commodity-producing economies, because China consumes so much raw material.


A slowing China is one reason why commodity prices are weak.

commodity prices

Source: IMF Commodities Market Monthly, August 2015

Many major economies are also dependent on exports to China.

Exports from G-20 member state to Mainland China, as a share of the country’s total exports (in percent).

G20 exports to China

Source: Petersen Institute for International Economics

Nervousness over China comes as the world becomes more reliant on it (and other emerging market countries) to drive global growth.

emerging market world economiy

Source: The Economist


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Author: Mike Hanley is Head of Digital Communications at the World Economic Forum

Image: An advertising board showing a Chinese stone lion is pictured near an entrance to the headquarters of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), in Beijing, China, September 7, 2015.   REUTERS/Jason Lee