Meet the future: the Young Global Leaders of 2019.

The Young Global Leaders is a community of world-changers under 40.

Not just discrimination. The reasons why women are paid less.
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The dangers of driving while female. Surprising stats on gender inequality.

The coming Asianization of the world. Why we’re living in the Asian century.

Jobs for women are dying out. How to defuse a gender gap timebomb.

How to save the Internet. The World Wide Web’s inventor has a plan.

Workers wanted. Closing the digital skills gap.

Going public only after the value is gone. The privatisation of capitalism.

Humans are a barrier to efficiency. Where algorithms have taken over.

Our frictionless future. The new mobility will change real estate, and everything else too.

Who votes left, right and radical right. The new, tripolar political space.

Today’s military threats are not new. We’re just looking at them wrong.

Grown-ups get a scolding on climate. Quotes Greta Thunberg’s address at Davos. (New York Times)

Africa loses wealth due to gender gap. Uses material from Global Gender Gap Report. (Africa News)

US, China competing over new technology. Tokyo interview with Forum Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab. (NHK)

Africa: keep the money moving in Africa. Cites Forum data. (Global Finance)

How economists can avoid irrelevance. References discussions at Davos. (Guardian)