The new Davos Manifesto. A vision for a better kind of capitalism.
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Save the whales—so they can fight climate change.
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What happened to the world economy? From Davos 1973 to Davos 2020.

They make the most sophisticated products. Countries ranked by their economic complexity.

Nature or nurture? Lessons from teaching children to read.

Climate change shrank this lake. Ancestral knowledge now helps locals survive.

Fighting child marriages. These men in the Gaza Strip show the way.

Americans judge social class fast: by the way you talk.

How the US-China rift is reshaping global politics—and boosting China’s influence.

From the Iliad to the Irishman. The epic challenge of basic human relationships.

The Millennial wealth gap. How the young are falling behind.

Prohibition in the US: banning alcohol reduced mortality rates.

The Forum's vision of stakeholder capitalism. Coverage of the new Davos Manifesto (Financial Times, Time, MarketWatch, South China Morning Post, El Tiempo, El Pais, Globe and Mail, Folha de Sao Paulo, Handelsblatt, Les Echos)

Is Africa prepared for the digital age? Interview with a Forum lead. (BBC News)

How financial services can fight cyber risk. Based on discussions at the Forum’s Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity. (LSE Business Review)

Universities can advance social justice in the 4IR. Cites discussions at World Economic Forum on Africa. (Mail & Guardian)