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1. How COVID-19 is affecting the globe.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 approach 2.4 million, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University. Over 160,000 people are known to have died from the virus.

2. One World:Together at Home.

Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Beyonce and Elton John were among the musicians who performed in an online concert, “One World:Together at Home”, organized by the World Health Organization, the nonprofit group Global Citizen, and singer Lady Gaga.

“I’m so grateful for the healthcare workers, the medical workers, all the grocery store workers and delivery people, the postal workers, all the other nonprofits that are working so hard,” said Gaga.

“This is really a true love letter to all of you all over the world, and I hope a reminder of the kindness that’s occurring right now.”

3. EU bailout chief says at least 500 billion euros more needed for COVID recovery.

The group of countries that use the euro currency are going to fall into a 7.5% recession this year because of the pandemic, the IMF says, and the head of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) said EU institutions would need an addition 500 billion euros to help put the economy back on track.

European Union finance ministers agreed on April 9 on safety nets for sovereigns, companies and individuals worth in total 540 billion euros.

“I would say that for the second phase we need at least another 500 billion euros from the European institutions, but it could be more,” ESM Managing Director Klaus Regling told Italy’s Corriere della Sera.

What is the World Economic Forum doing about the coronavirus outbreak?

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic requires global cooperation among governments, international organizations and the business community, which is at the centre of the World Economic Forum’s mission as the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

Since its launch on 11 March, the Forum’s COVID Action Platform has brought together 1,667 stakeholders from 1,106 businesses and organizations to mitigate the risk and impact of the unprecedented global health emergency that is COVID-19.

The platform is created with the support of the World Health Organization and is open to all businesses and industry groups, as well as other stakeholders, aiming to integrate and inform joint action.

As an organization, the Forum has a track record of supporting efforts to contain epidemics. In 2017, at our Annual Meeting, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) was launched – bringing together experts from government, business, health, academia and civil society to accelerate the development of vaccines. CEPI is currently supporting the race to develop a vaccine against this strand of the coronavirus.

4. New York governor says his state may be past the worst.

New York, which has recorded nearly half the US deaths from COVID-19, on Saturday reported 540 coronavirus-related deaths for April 17, down from 630 a day earlier and the lowest daily tally since April 1.

The number of patients in the state requiring intensive care and ventilators to help them breathe was also down.

“If you look at the past three days, you could argue that we are past the plateau and we’re starting to descend, which would be very good news,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in his daily briefing.

5. British centenarian war veteran raises more than $30 million, records song.

A 99-year-old British war veteran has raised more than $31 million for the health service by walking 100 laps of his garden. Captain Tom Moore has also recorded a charity song with singer Michael Ball that looks set to raise even more money.

Retired British Army Captain Tom Moore, 99, raises money for health workers by attempting to walk the length of his garden one hundred times before his 100th birthday this month as the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, Marston Moretaine, Britain, April 15, 2020. REUTERS/Peter Cziborra - RC225G9Y6NH8
Retired British Army Captain Tom Moore has raised millions.
Image: REUTERS/Peter Cziborra