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  • P&G's Europe president talks about developing new planet-friendly products how Europe serves as a "lighthouse" for regulation and sustainability trends.

Loic Tassel is the Europe president at Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, and home to big brands like Gillette razors and Pampers diapers.

The company has committed to going climate neutral by 2030 and is redesigning everything from products to supply chains, to serve 5 billion consumers better while reducing its climate footprint.

P&G's reusable and refillable aluminum bottle system was announced at scale this fall.
P&G's reusable and refillable aluminum bottle system. Tassel said finding the right external suppliers for the pouch and aluminum took many months but remains a
Image: P&G

In this effort, P&G Europe serves a special role, a 'leading ground" as Loic puts it, pioneering and scaling sustainable products to enable people to live more sustainably. These innovations have included Gillette razors with plastic-free packaging, or shampoos with refillable bottles. The work his team does is helping millions around the world by scaling better habits for the climate.

"Europe is the first place, the leading place" where P&G is inventing, designing, and qualifying - in the marketplace - some of those new products, says Tassel. These efforts reflect the company's dual responsibilities to "offer consumers more sustainable product, but also continue to educate them to make a better, more sustainable use of our product."

These efforts will also help the firm comply with new climate-friendly practices ahead of the upcoming European Green Deal, a European Commission plan to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Preparing for upcoming regulations in Europe ensures the company stays competitive as similar regulations and standards emerge in other markets. As Tassel explains, Europe often "serves as a lighthouse."

"Whatever comes our way, from a legislative standpoint, we'll be at least at par, or ideally ahead of the game," he says.

Tassel talked to Meet the Leader about designing more sustainable products and encouraging consumer habit change to scale real impact for the environment.

He also shared how being a father of five deepened his commitment to the environment, bringing a special intensity to the responsibility he feels to future generations, one he considers a "personal blessing."

Learn more about Tassel - and what else he's learned in his near 33 years at the company - on the latest episode of Meet the Leader.

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