• Emma Watson, actor and UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, hid more than 40 books around Glasgow during COP26 for people to find.
  • The inspiring reads on climate issues are part of the #COPBookFairies campaign.
  • Titles include How Women Can Save The Planet by Anne Karpf and Why We Swim by Bonnie Tsui.
  • Alongside her acting work, Emma Watson campaigns on gender, social and climate issues.

Actor Emma Watson – best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films – has been hiding books on climate activism around Glasgow during COP26.

The secret stash of more than 40 titles is part of a campaign by The Book Fairies, a global book sharing organization, to plant inspiring reads on climate change.

Here are six of the #COPBookFairies titles Emma Watson has been hiding.

Why We Swim, Bonnie Tsui – swimmer, journalist and author Bonnie Tsui dives into the world of swimming to explore humankind’s relationship with water.

Who Cares Wins, Lily Cole – this book curates creative solutions to climate change from the minds of entrepreneurs and activists including Stella McCartney and Extinction Rebellion co-founder Dr Gail Bradbrook.

A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings, Helen Jukes – writer, beekeeper and tutor Helen Jukes charts how a year looking after a beehive helped her reconnect with nature and friendships.

The End of the Ocean, Maja Lunde – this novel by the Norwegian author and climate campaigner Maja Lunde, envisages a world without enough water and how it impacts a father and daughter.

How Women Can Save The Planet, Anne Karpf – poor women of colour are most impacted by the climate crisis - yet are rarely at the negotiating table. Sociologist Anne Karpf calls for visionary global climate policies that promote gender equality.

All We Can Save, edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K Wilkinson – a powerful collection of essays from some of the women leading on climate issues in the United States, from scientists and teachers to activists, farmers and lawyers.

Promoting gender equality

Alongside her acting work, Emma Watson campaigns on climate, social and gender equality issues. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women – the United Nations organization which promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women.

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During COP26, Watson’s official Instagram site was taken over by “an anonymous Feminist Collective”.

More than 300 books were shared around the UK as part of The Book Fairies’ #COPBookFairies campaign.