Joining leaders from government, business and civil society, two of YouTube’s most exciting digital influencers have come to Davos 2022 to cover the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting from the inside.

The stars, who have a combined following of over 30 million on social media, have been selected for their ability to balance compelling, creative content with a strong emphasis on climate action and social justice.

Mark Vins: nature and rewilding

Mark Vins is an Emmy-award winning wildlife and adventure film-maker. He’s also the co-founder of the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, which has a staggering 20 million subscribers. Watch out for his daily Davos 2022 livestreams on the Brave Wilderness channel, as well as video shorts and updates as he meets climate leaders at Davos.

"I'm here specially this week to learn about what people are doing to impact nature, what they're doing to perpetuate conservation and rewilding of natural lands," Vins told his audience during an initial livestream from the Davos 2022 event venue.

"It's a very diverse event. Yes, you have wealthy business leaders and presidents ... but you also have a lot of folks in business and in adjacent economies that are here to do the tangible work that's going to help solve world issues."

Nas Daily: cool tech and climate solutions

Nuseir Yassin is an Arab-Israeli vlogger known for his minute-long videos on social media. He has CEOs, scientists and start-up founders in his sights as he hunts for cool solutions and smart ideas to cover on his YouTube channel, Nas Daily.

"I went around the world looking for the most interesting people - and apparently they're all here at Davos 2022. People who created new types of meat, people who invented new companies and new technologies - and also activists, entrepreneurs, leaders, young people and old people - everyone who's smart and interested in doing something."

Three years of YouTubers at Davos

This isn't the first time YouTube influencers have been invited to the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting. An online Davos Agenda in 2021 featured coverage from the likes of SuperGirl, Dan Howell and India's biggest female YouTuber, MostlySane.

In 2020, Bhuvan Bam, Juanpa Zurita, PhysicsGirl and Natalia Arcuri attended the event to share the issues driving the Davos agenda with their millions of online followers.