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Chemical and Advanced Materials

The Chemical and Advanced Materials Industry Community is an exclusive community of peers. Partners in the community take an active role in the industry transformation and advance multi-stakeholder initiatives to deliver greater sustainability, resilience and performance into a variety of socioeconomic systems. Chief executives and chairs constitute the Governors community, who provide leadership, define the industry agenda and drive change.

Industry Agenda

The Transformation of the Chemical and Advanced Materials Industry: To continue developing socioeconomic value, the industry must lead the process of its own transformation, effectively integrating digital technologies and shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It must also continue to define novel approaches to innovation that extend well beyond new molecules and applications. The Forum is supporting the following community’s efforts:

·       Collaborative Innovation in Low Carbon Emitting Technologies: Several challenges, such as hydrogen generation in low carbon processes, use of carbon dioxide and biomass as feedstock and the overall electrification of chemical operations could be more efficiently and effectively addressed in collaboration. The initiative seeks to accelerate the development and upscaling of low carbon emitting technologies for chemical production towards a marked GHG emissions reduction in the chemical industry, addressing their technology, regulatory, funding, market and collaboration challenges to accelerate their deployment. This initiative is one of the sector’s pathways to deliver on the Paris Agreement under the Mission Possible Platform.

·       Mainstreaming Sustainable Chemistry Innovation: The sector would benefit from a better-defined global sustainable chemistry innovation ecosystem. It would help increase the visibility of sustainable chemistry innovations, facilitate knowledge exchange between start-ups and corporations, attract public and private investment into sustainable chemistry and increase the overall innovation capability of the sector. This initiative seeks to develop of a global sustainable chemistry innovation ecosystem though a multiyear program. In focus for 2019-2020 are (a) a global hub for sustainable chemistry innovation and (b) new models for financing sustainable chemistry innovation.

·       The Digital Transformation of the Chemistry and Materials Industry: The digitalization of operations, interactions across value chains and shared innovation platforms is transforming the chemical and advanced materials industry. Nevertheless, there is significant value yet to be assessed and captured by sector through the successful deployment of digital technologies. The next phase of the initiative will address the remaining challenges for the industry in its definition of platform models, in leveraging data and in deploying digital technologies to its sustainability commitments.

The Transformation of Key Socioeconomic Systems: The sector’s products, services and technologies contribute significantly to the global economy, delivering material benefits that enable global energy, food and nutrition, transport, construction and consumption economic activities. In addition, the industry plays a pivotal role in the global sustainability agenda by optimizing resource utilization at every step in major value chains. The sector needs to monitor and play an active role in their definition. The Forum is supporting through:

·       The Circular Car Initiative: In a new mobility system defined by shared, largely electrified and highly autonomous vehicles, there will be new value structures, not yet understood. Cost optimization and emissions reduction will be key drivers. There are implications on design/integration, materials cycles and manufacturing technologies. This ambitious initiative seeks to develop a shared vision and catalyze action in support of the establishment of a circular car system.

Partners from the Chemical and Advanced Materials industry are also playing active roles in the below initiatives:

·       The Global Battery Alliance

·       The Platform for Accelerating Circular Economy

·       The Global Plastics Action Partnership

·       The New Vision for Agriculture

Contact: Fernando Gomez Head of Chemical and Materials Industry Email:

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