Equipping future public leaders to transform the way governments innovate

23 Oct 2019

The impact.

Elected officials must represent the priorities of the people who voted them into power and give businesses the conditions they need to drive vibrant economies.

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is preparing the next generation to enter public life in the coming five years. In collaboration with Apolitical Academy, they have developed a public leadership programme to increase the number of talented, diverse, effective and ethical public servants and elected officials.

This effort provides access to the information, skills and opportunities needed to activate innovative approaches to challenges at the frontier of public policy-making.

What’s the challenge?

Earlier this year, the Edelman Trust Barometer reported that the overwhelming majority of people doubt government is working in their interest. Similarly, a recent World Economic Forum survey on globalization uncovered a widespread belief that government-driven initiatives, such as law and regulation, are failing to generate sufficient opportunities.

In a recent report by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, only 15.5 percent of the world’s parliamentarians were under the age of 40. Now more than ever, the world needs a new generation of political leaders and entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and encourage wider participation in politics. Advances in technologies are disrupting economic and societal norms, and political actors are either rushing to respond, or in far too many cases, not acting at all.

Across the globe, perceptions of governments and the public sector as slow-moving, corrupt, and incompetent drive away talent. This limits opportunities for socially-minded leaders to bring their values and expertise to solve the most difficult policy challenges of our time. Complex challenges like confronting our climate change crisis or navigating an issue like Brexit require leaders with different ways of thinking and collaborative styles of working.

Our approach.

To restore faith in public institutions and encourage evidence-based leadership of the public sector, The Forum of Young Global Leaders has partnered with Apolitical Academy, co-founded by YGL Lindiwe Mazibuko.

The public leadership programme aims to equip current and future political leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to transform the global public sector and restore public perception of responsible and responsive government leadership.

Through a 12-month leadership programme, Young Global Leaders will go through a range of coaching modules and learning experiences which will help them enter public life either through running for office, entering the public sector, or enhancing the democratic institutions of a country.

How can you get involved?

The first year of public leadership fellows began their journey in October 2019 in London, UK. In addition, Forum partners can engage with the programme by:

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