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AMNC24 - What to Expect from Future Growth

The prospects for global growth have been steadily improving this year, with the IMF projecting 3.2% growth in 2024 and 41% of chief economists having upgraded their forecasts in recent months. However, the pace of expansion expected this decade is tepid by historical standards and geo-economic fragmentation is creating divergences between regions.

What and where will the main drivers of growth derive from in the coming years?

This is the full audio from a session at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC24) on June 25, 2024, developed in collaboration with CNBC. You can watch it here: https://www.weforum.org/events/annual-meeting-of-the-new-champions-2024/sessions/what-to-expect-from-future-growth/


Samantha Vadas, Anchor, CNBC International

Faisal Alibrahim, Minister of Economy and Planning, Ministry of Economy and Planning of Saudi Arabia

Bonnie Chan Yiting, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX)

Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations

Adam Tooze, Director, European Institute, Columbia University


Annual Meeting of the New Champions - Next Frontiers for Growth, 25–27 June, 2024, Dalian, China: wef.ch/amnc24


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Economic Growth

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