New user experiences

New ‘must-haves’ raise the bar for the end-to-end user experience

The growth in digital consumption and competition for consumer attention create a new set of must-haves for media companies. Digital-native services are best placed to meet growing demands through existing channels and well-funded content to satisfy record-high consumption levels. To drive a similar experience, traditional players will need to adopt new interaction models, such as dual-screen experiences and social viewing.

Meanwhile, entirely new experiences and businesses will be built upon emerging channels, particularly gaming, as in-game commerce, advertising, mini-programmes and virtual events continue to gain popularity. Innovations in advertising, such as transactional ad units, non-disruptive displays and frequency capping will further define the user experience. The customer experience is not limited to media consumption, but extends to a continuous integrated cycle from acquisition through engagement to retention and everything that happens in marketing, sales and support.

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We are thinking about how we can use technology and innovation to create an enhanced communal experience for fans watching at home, while replicating the atmosphere and look of a home arena for players in the venue.

—Mark Tatum, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer, National Basketball Association (NBA), USA

Differentiated content is still king

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Big players are looking to expand their footprint through rights deals with top podcasters.
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Back catalogue proves sticky

Better experiences driven across devices and formats

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