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3 emerging technologies beyond AI that are changing the world

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Technology is evolving faster than ever. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just about AI- here are 3 technologies that are all set to change the world.

  • Green hydrogen: Produced by splitting water with renewable electricity, not only can green hydrogen replace natural gas in industrial processes, but also create significant job opportunities.
  • Satellite internet: By bouncing signals from specialized spacecraft, satellite internet can deliver broadband connectivity to remote areas, including rural locations, where land-based services fall short.
  • Immersive education: Immersive education leverages mixed-reality and virtual-reality to create engaging learning experiences. This technology has the potential to improve educational outcomes worldwide.

The exponential growth of emerging technologies

All three technologies share a common thread: exponential growth. Unlike linear growth, advancements happen at an increasingly rapid pace.

As Meissner points out, with AI experiencing a 100x increase in compute power every year, the possibilities are truly mind-boggling.

The World Economic Forum's report highlights other promising technologies to watch, including sustainable aviation fuel, plant sensors for agriculture, and the metaverse's potential applications in mental health.

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