New UN leader: why not a woman? (New York Times)

Bid to put more women in top UK banking jobs. (Business News)

Gender pay gap widest for workers in their 50s. (The Guardian)

Female investors rise to top of venture capital companies. (

Attitude towards female bosses hasn’t changed in 60 years. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Icelandic MP breastfed baby while addressing parliament. (Quartz)

FIFA appoints first Chief Women’s Football Officer. (Reuters)

The women literally running the planet. (The Atlantic)

Child marriage: not just a girls’ problem but an economic disaster. (World Economic Forum)

Women from 20 African countries fight for land rights. (Reuters)

Muslim women in India in fight for equal divorce rights. (PRI)

The battle for girls’ rights is far from over. 5 charts show just how far. (World Economic Forum)

How men can use pregnancy to threaten women. (Huffington Post)

Muslim women ’more likely‘ to be victims of Islamophobia: Report. (Middle East Eye)

What happens to Afghan women serving sentences when there’s no prison to house them? (Reuters)

Backlash on ’man tax‘ at New York Pharmacy. (Reuters)

Women run the world in Virtual Reality. (New York Magazine)

Twice as many girls as boys will never start school.
Source: UNESCO eAtlas of Gender Equality in Education.

Quote of the week

“Any talk of women’s empowerment must necessarily include girls’ empowerment. As we all know, inequalities tend to reproduce across generations. We need to do everything we can to break this cycle of inequality. We need mentors and role models. We need to ensure that young women have the opportunity to shape their own future, and to aspire to be the best they can in any field they choose.”

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Coordinating Minister for the Economy & Honourable Minister of Finance, Federal Republic of Nigeria
African Women’s Economic Summit, July 2012