The Death Valley in the Californian desert is said to be the world’s hottest place. Yesterday (May 28), though, it was a town in India’s water-deprived Vidarbha region that earned the title—even if only for a day.

On May 28, Chandrapur city in the western state of Maharashtra recorded a maximum temperature of 47.8°C, the highest in the world, according to media reports.

Image: Quartz

The India Meteorological Department has warned of heat waves in Vidarbha region, located around eastern Maharashtra. IMD expects relief from the heat to only register after May 31.

Chandrapur was also the hottest place in the world briefly last April, when temperatures there touched 45.3°C. Other cities in Vidarbha are also experiencing record-high temperatures. Yesterday, regional hub Nagpur simmered at 47.5°C.

Image: Times of India

The region has faced consecutive droughts over the years, and many farmers there have even committed suicide over failed crops and mounting debt over the years. This year, the Maharashtra state government will fund artificial rain to fight the dry season in the region.

The Indian summer has only begun peaking; usually, temperatures across most parts of the country hit their highs in June.