• The second Jobs Reset Summit will take place 1-2 June.
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In 2020, the global workforce lost an equivalent of 255 million full-time jobs, an estimated $3.7 trillion in wages and 4.4% of global GDP, a staggering toll on lives and livelihoods. While vaccine rollout has begun and the growth outlook is predicted to improve, an even socio-economic recovery is far from certain.

The choices made by policy-makers, business leaders, workers and learners today will shape societies for years to come. At this critical crossroads, leaders must consciously, proactively and urgently lay the foundations of a new social contract, rebuilding our economies so they provide opportunity for all.

On 1-2 June 2021, the World Economic Forum will virtually host the Jobs Reset Summit. It will provide a timely platform for laying these foundations, working beyond silos and across stakeholders. In the rapidly evolving and uncertain context for the global economy, the meeting will address the most critical areas of debate, articulate pathways for action, and mobilize the most influential leaders and organizations to work together to accelerate progress.

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