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The Forum believes that the arts and culture are at the root of the vitality of healthy and inclusive societies.

Artists and cultural institutions collaborate with the Forum to forge new alliances across sectors, speak truth to power, and create powerful and inclusive narratives that change hearts and minds. This manifests itself in the creation and presentation of site-specific performances, immersive installations and exhibitions, and in the launch of socially-engaged projects.

At Davos 2017, artists contributed their thoughts and visions in more than 60 sessions across the official programme, together with other leaders of society, on topics ranging from climate change to populism and from technology to cultural heritage.

See a selection of artists in action at our recent events:


The Forum seeks to create real-world impact through its work with the cultural community. Examples of recent impactful projects include:

Collisions, by Lynette Wallworth, a virtual reality film co-produced by the World Economic Forum and world-premiered at Davos 2016 before going on to have massive impact around the world. See the impact video here:

The ground-breaking first international tour of the Afghan Women’s Orchestra, produced by the World Economic Forum and launched at Davos 2017.

The Crystal Award

The Crystal Award celebrates leading artists who are role models and exemplify the Forum’s mission of improving the state of the world. The award ceremony takes place each year in Davos and marks the start of the Annual Meeting. Awardees are active in one of the following areas: cross-cultural understanding, peace-making, social inclusion, the environment, health, education, and food security. Awardees are selected by the members of the World Economic Forum’s arts advisory body, the World Arts Forum, chaired by Ms. Hilde Schwab.

The 2017 Crystal Awardees are Anne-Sophie Mutter, Forest Whitaker and Shakira. Click here for more about these awardees. Click here for a full list of past awardees.

Global Reach

In addition to shaping new narratives through active engagement within the Forum community, artists reach a global audience via the Forum’s social media platforms. The Forum receives 3.2 million unique visitors a month to its webpage and has over 3 million followers on Facebook and on Twitter.


For more information and to get involved, contact Simone Romuzga at simone.romuzga@weforum.org

Feature image: Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016