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Cultural Leaders

The World Economic Forum Cultural Leaders are a network of artists and cultural institutions committed to improving the state of the world. They engage with each other and with the other communities of the World Economic Forum with the intention to: 

-Broaden their understanding of global issues
-Expand the reach of their work and make connections across sectors
-Influence high-level decision making
-Create real world impact

Cultural Leaders collaborate with the World Economic Forum to develop its Arts and Culture programming and activities and to leverage its platform in one or more of the following ways:

Events: as participants in global and regional summits, such as the Annual Meeting in Davos and Annual Meeting of the New Champions in China
Digital: as thought leaders and contributors to the Forum's blog Agenda (4.7 million visitors per month), social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), and the Forum's knowledge platform, the Transformation Maps
Governance: in their roles as members of the Forum's Board of Trustees, event Co-Chairs, members of Global Future Councils, or stewards of the System Initiatives
Projects: as co-producers on initiatives and projects that have impact beyond the Forum, such as the Emmy Award winning virtual reality film Collisions or the first international tour of the Afghan Women's Orchestra

Arts & Culture Transformation Map

Do you know how art and terrorism are connected? The links between arts education and civic participation? The World Economic Forum's Transformation Maps - a dynamic knowledge repository of global issues - are now publicly available to help you visualize and understand over 120 topics, and explore the inter-dependencies between them.

Check out the Arts and Culture Map, which are co-curated with the Smithsonian Institution.

The Crystal Award

The Crystal Award celebrates leading artists who are role models and exemplify the Forum’s mission of improving the state of the world. Now in its 24th year, the award is bestowed each year in Davos and marks the start of the Annual Meeting. Awardees are active in one of the following areas: cross-cultural understanding, peace-making, social inclusion, the environment, health, education, and food security.

Awardees are selected by the members of the World Economic Forum’s arts advisory body, the World Arts Forum, chaired by Ms. Hilde Schwab.


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