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How can digital communications connect everyone and everything to enable a safer, more sustainable and inclusive society, bringing socioeconomic well-being to all?  
This community is a high-level group of peers dedicated to ensuring the long-term sustainability of their industry and society.  Industry agendaThe Digital Communications Governors define the industry agenda. The group, comprising chief executives and chairs from partner organizations, closely align the agenda with related System Initiatives, particularly with the System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society and the work of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The digital communications sector is at a pivotal point in its development. Two key challenges face industry leaders: justifying the investment required to enable a hyperconnected society amidst increased regulatory and geopolitical uncertainty, and ensuring that the industry increases its social responsibility efforts. The Forum is addressing these challenges through a number of projects and activities.  1. Disruptive change and future industry trendsNew technologies, such as 5G, software-defined networks, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), voice recognition and digital currencies, will have great impact on digital communications service providers. For example, 5G mobile networks will enable many new use cases, including autonomous driving, robotics, smart city services, telemedicine, VR and AR, but where the revenue will come from to justify the rollout of 5G is still an open question.  To address this and other related issues, the Digital Communications Industry will be a key part of initiatives that include:

  • The Digital Transformation project, which helps business, government and civil society leaders understand and implement sustainable digital transformations.

  • The Internet of Things: Sustainable Models for Impact project, which falls under the System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society, and explores the cross-industry partnerships necessary to create new business models and advance on such critical topics as infrastructure investment, fragmentation, data and blockchain.   

  • The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which partners with governments, leading companies, civil society and experts from around the world to co-design and pilot innovative new approaches to policy and governance. Key areas of focus include the Internet of Things and connected devices, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, autonomous and urban mobility, drones and tomorrow’s airspace, precision medicine, digital trade and cross-border data flows and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Global Centre for Cybersecurity, which aims to establish the first global platform for governments, businesses, experts and law enforcement agencies to collaborate on cybersecurity challenges.

2. A common vision for a digital futureThe Digital Communications Industry will support initiatives that enhance the industry’s social responsibility in the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, including the:

  • Internet for All project, part of the System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society, which aims to create millions of new internet users, with a focus on the communities that have the most difficulty connecting due to isolation and poverty.

  • Digital Identity project, also part of System Initiative, which helps design and implement digital identity regimes that support the movement of people, goods, funds and data by authenticating their identity.

  • Declaration for a Digital Future, a set of high-level, aspirational principles intended to drive a positive, people-centred vision for personal and work futures in a digital age.

  • Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) provides a framework to embrace a responsible and sustainable path for the Digital Communications community

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