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Master this skill to build fast, future-ready teams: Siemens CEO Roland Busch

The digital transformation is shifting more than technology - it’s changing the skills workers will need, the mindsets required to tackle big challenges, and the nature of business itself. Roland Busch, Siemens CEO, shares how tech is reshaping Siemens and how reskilling will evolve, and how managers especially will need to empower teams for the changes ahead. He shares why more decisions should happen near the bottoms of organizations (to compete in a fast-changing world), the corners leaders will be tempted to cut for short-term gains in tough quarters (but shouldn't) and the ingredient that's critical for building agile and accountable teams. He also shares the skills he depends on most in after 30 years at the company, including how his PhD in physics shaped his approach to problem-solving, and a key turning point that changed how he delegates.
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Hosted by:
Linda Lacina

Digital Editor, World Economic Forum

Jobs and the Future of Work

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