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The Future of Capital Markets

The Future Of Capital Markets | Ep 3 | Kathleen O’Reilly: Leveraging Technology for Access

Access to critical information on financial products is unequally distributed across the lay investor spectrum. How can technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning be used to deliver financial advice at scale? Kathleen O’Reilly, Global Communications, Media and Technology Industry Practices Chair for Accenture, shows how technology accelerates the capital market's continued democratisation.

The Future of Capital Markets is a five-episode series that profiles global thought leaders on how capital markets are becoming more accessible to retail investors. Each episode explores topics such as the democratization of retail investing, leveraging technology for access, educating retail investors, building trust in capital markets and the future of retail investing.

Learn more about the work of the World Economic Forum on capital markets here.

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The Future of Capital Markets: An Overview

Rebecca Geldard

July 12, 2024

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