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Google Maps can now calculate your roof’s solar potential

Google Maps has launched three new tools that provide users with information about solar potential, air quality, and pollen count. These tools are part of the company's effort to make its mapping platform more comprehensive and informative.

Solar Potential API

The Solar Potential API calculates how much solar energy a user's roof can generate. It uses aerial imagery, factoring in the roof angle, tree cover and shading, combined with data on regional weather patterns and electricity costs. This information can help users decide whether or not to install solar panels on their homes.

Air Quality API

The Air Quality API provides users with real-time data on air pollution. It draws on data from satellites, traffic data, and official monitoring stations to tell users exactly which pollutants are present in the air. This information can help users make informed decisions about when and where to go out.

Pollen API

The Pollen API tracks the pollen count for allergy sufferers. It uses data from pollen count stations, as well as weather patterns and the shedding habits of well-known pollen producers, to help users avoid the misery of an attack.

Other Innovative Mapping Technologies

In addition to these new tools, Google Maps is also working on other innovative mapping technologies. For example, can generate real-time 3D digital twins of the entire planet using satellite imagery and machine learning. These digital twins can be used for simulation, visualization, and mapping, among many other industrial and commercial uses.

Hawkeye360 uses satellites to identify radio frequency emissions, providing precise geolocation and analysis for the maritime sector, as well as for governments and industry.

These new tools and technologies are transforming how we map our world. They are making it easier for us to understand our environment and make informed decisions about our lives.

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