Nearly 700 experts from around the world descended on Dubai to share bright ideas on how to build a better future, at a time when urgent progress is needed on sustainable development.

The meeting brought together members of the World Economic Forum's 38 Global Future Councils, networks of leaders committed to sparking positive change. It's a working meeting with much of the action taking place behind the scenes. Initiatives thrashed out included the launch of an Alliance on Clean Air to tackle air pollution, ethical guidelines for AI procurement, a platform called Scale 360 to boost innovation on the circular economy and many more.

Here are some of the highlights from when participants did take to the stage - or social media.

1. What if we get things right? 30 visions for 2030

From making clean air a human right to unleashing the power of quantum materials, from a new deal to nature to cutting violent crime in half - there was no lack of ambition in our multimedia series on the future.

World Economic Forum President Børge Brende laid out the fraught geopolitical context of our connected world.

"We're living in a truly globalized world where your problems are my problems and vice versa," he said in the opening session in Dubai. "In many ways, we have moved from Cold War to hot peace."

One of many participants to stress the absolute urgency of transforming our economy to protect nature and the environment was Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, Costa Rica’s Minister of Environment and Energy. In an interview he described how the issue plays out in his family, and he talked about the system change needed in the session below.

From air pollution to AI, the challenges we face sprawl across continents and traditional silos of expertise. The final session focused on bringing together stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world - setting the scene for our Annual Meeting in Davos 2020.

5. The voice of youth wants change now

We'll close with these words from a Japanese girl who took part in our public video campaign on a #sustainableworld.