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AMNC 2024: What to know about Day 1

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Day 1 of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2024.

Day 1 of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2024.

Gayle Markovitz
Acting Head, Written and Audio Content, World Economic Forum
This article is part of: Annual Meeting of the New Champions
  • The Annual Meeting of the New Champions takes place in Dalian, People's Republic of China, from 25-27 June 2024.
  • It brings together more than 1,600 global leaders, from the public and private sectors, as well as civil society and international organizations.
  • Here's everything you need to know about Day 1 of AMNC 24.

Here's what to know about Day 1 of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2024. With Asia continuing to drive two-thirds of all global growth and home to nearly a third of the global population, the programme offers insights on inclusive and sustainable growth.

It comes as the global economy approaches a soft landing, with a sense of optimism made clear in our latest Chief Economists Outlook, published in late May.

However, risks and challenges remain, from geopolitical uncertainty to the governance and regulation of artificial intelligence.

Day 1 highlights include addresses from key figures such as Li Qiang, Premier of the People's Republic of China, Andrzej Duda President of Poland, and Amina Mohammed Deputy Secretary General of the UN.

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Explore the meeting's themes

This year's meeting takes place under six key themes:

Session highlights from day 1

There were sessions running all day today on a wide range of topics. Here's a handful of those you might want to check out. You can see the programme in full here.

All times are local to China (GMT+8)

What are the ingredients of growth? From inclusive AI, to the role of business in a pivotal election year and the importance of capital markets in the green transition, speakers explored the next frontiers of economic growth.


The money exists for the global energy transition, Paul Gruenwald, Global Chief Economist at S&P Global, told this session. We just need to unlock it, and get it to the countries that need it. As technology advances, this transition will help drive global growth, Wen Shugang, Chairman of the China Huaneng Group added.


From artificial intelligence to sustainable prosperity and growth, the co-chairs explored the key talking points for the meeting as AMNC24 got underway.

Li Lecheng, Governor of Liaoning Province and Liming Chen, Chair of Greater China at the World Economic Forum, opened the Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

Li Qiang, Premier of the People's Republic of China, Pham Minh Chinh, Prime Minister of Viet Nam, and Andrzej Duda, President of Poland, addressed AMNC 24 this morning.

From innovation to new drivers of global growth, they explored many of the trends that will drive conversations this week - offering regional and global perspectives on the challenges and opportunities.

Read more here.


Whether the impact on labour or how AI could change how we make decisions, participants looked at the opportunities of AI assistants, where the technology will take us next, and also some of the challenges that need to be mitigated.


The economic benefits of gender parity, sending girls to school or giving women control of income and assets were made clear by experts in this session. “If I were to argue for the growth of the global economy, I would argue one of the most fundamental things is investment into human capital,” said Liu Qian.


Speakers cautioned against the risks of protectionism and made a call for the benefits of free trade, notably the potential of free trade in Africa.


The session explores the significant progress made in using Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to shape ‘intelligent manufacturing’, with a focus on the role of artificial intelligence (AI). The trends include the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, digital twin technology, big data, and cloud computing.

The discussion also highlights the Global Lighthouse Network Initiative, set up by the World Economic Forum's Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains.

Geopolitics is causing uncertainty and fragmentation in the global financial system, speakers said. Fred Hu warned of the implications for the world economy as a whole.


Watch the Day 1 highlights

Launches and things to look out for

We released several reports on topics from the links between global health and climate change to the bioeconomy. Find out more on our publications page.

The Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2024 launched, revealing this year's most impactful emerging technologies. The list includes ways artificial intelligence is accelerating scientific research with a focus on applications in health, communication, infrastructure and sustainability.

Some extra reading and watching

Check out Agenda, our latest podcasts and also our latest videos to get up to speed on all the key talking points at AMNC. Here's a selection of pieces you might enjoy.

Bonnie Chan Yiting, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, explores the role of innovation in sustainable, economic growth.

Listen to our Radio Davos episode with Markus Herrmann to better understand China and how it sees its place in the world.


The Word Economic Forum's John Letzing explores the story of China's economic growth - and what it might look like going forward.

If you missed our Fostering Effective Energy Transition Report last week, watch the video below to explore some of the key findings.

How will the convergence of spatial computing, blockchain and AI reshape industries? Read our Agenda article to explore what's needed to ensure the societal and economic impact is positive.

World Economic Forum in the news

Here’s what the global media has been saying about Day 1 at AMNC 24.

Explore the meeting's themesSession highlights from day 1 Watch the Day 1 highlightsLaunches and things to look out forSome extra reading and watching

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