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Energy transition - have global crises stalled progress on climate goals?

The World Economic Forum has been tracking global progress on the ‘energy transition’ for a decade and has just released a special report, Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2022, looking at where things stand at this extraordinary moment in history.

The transition is the move away from fossil fuels that cause the climate crisis, while ensuring people around the world can get access to reliable, affordable energy.

In this podcast, we listen in on a discussion of the issues, with Roberto Bocca, head of the Platform for Shaping the Future of Energy, Materials, and Infrastructure at the World Economic Forum.

The other panelists are Muqsit Ashraf, Senior Managing Director and Global Energy Lead, Accenture; Dev Sanyal, Chief Executive Officer, VARO Energy, and Jesse Scott, International Director, Agora Energiewende and Adjunct Professor, Hertie School. The moderator is journalist John Defterios.

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Podcast transcript

Hosted by:
Roberto Bocca

Head, Centre for Energy and Materials; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

Muqsit Ashraf

Global Lead, Accenture Strategy

John Defterios

Journalist, CNN

Energy Transition

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