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76% of Africa’s energy could be renewable by 2040

Researchers in Rwanda and Germany aimed to assess Africa's full potential for renewable energy. They created the Renewable Power Plant Database Africa, the first of its kind, compiling data on existing and planned hydro, wind, and solar energy sources.

Africa's clean energy potential

The analysis revealed that 76% of Africa's electricity needs could be met by renewables by 2040, with hydropower being the dominant source at 82%. Interestingly, some countries like Nigeria and Zimbabwe have the potential to completely eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels.

Despite this potential, 600 million Africans lack electricity. Collaboration is key - African nations need to share electricity, data, and knowledge while considering the impact on affected communities.

Financing the transition to renewables

Reaching net zero by 2050 requires a significant increase in clean energy investments. The World Economic Forum's initiative, "Mobilizing Investment for Clean Energy in Emerging Economies," aims to address this challenge by scaling up clean energy finance in emerging markets.

The "Clean Power, Grids and Electrification" program further fosters collaboration between businesses, governments, and civil society to responsibly triple clean power deployment by 2030.

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