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The Future of Capital Markets

The Future Of Capital Markets | Ep 5 | Alexandra Soto: The Evolution of Retail Investment

With new retail investors facing bank instability and market volatility in many parts of the world, how can nonprofessional investors maintain trust in capital markets over the long term? Alexandra Soto, Group Executive, Human Capital and Workplace Innovation; Chief Operations Officer, Financial Advisory, Lazard explores the main factors shaping the market and ways in which these choppy waters can be navigated.

The Future of Capital Markets is a five-episode series that profiles global thought leaders on how capital markets are becoming more accessible to retail investors. Each episode explores topics such as the democratization of retail investing, leveraging technology for access, educating retail investors, building trust in capital markets and the future of retail investing.

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Banking and Capital Markets

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The Future of Capital Markets: An Overview

John Hope Bryant

April 11, 2024

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