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These vibrant new food dyes are 100% natural

This video is part of: Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

New, vibrant food dyes are being manufactured by fermenting yeast to produce betalains, natural pigments from beets, and cactus fruit, offering a colorful spectrum from purple to yellow.

Synthetic v/s natural food dyes

Although synthetic petrochemical food dyes already exist, 60-70% of these artificial dyes contain known carcinogens, and some have been shown to negatively impact children's behavior.

Besides, the new dyes are a natural, safe, and sustainable alternative. They biodegrade rather than linger in the environment, require less land and water than current natural dyes, and have a much smaller carbon footprint.

Collaboration & future availability

These natural dyes are the result of a collaboration between Phytolon and Ginkgo Bioworks. The two companies are now working to bring the full-color palette to market.

Watch the video to learn more.

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