Industry agenda

The Electricity Governors define the industry agenda. The group, comprising chief executives and chairs from partner organizations, closely align the agenda with related System Initiatives.

Companies from the electricity industry engage in a range of activities to create impact utilizing the World Economic Forum’s platform. An example of initiatives includes the following:

·       Systemic Efficiency

Many of the electricity industry stakeholders are involved in developing impact in the area of “systemic efficiency” to create zero-carbon cities, zones and regions. Stakeholders will focus on creating impact by both a) ramping up clean energy and b) maximizing energy effectiveness and efficiencies among the interfaces of energy, buildings and transportation. This is a new initiative, and the Forum welcomes new stakeholder engagement to design the vision and path to impact.

·       Cyber Resilience and Security

The Cyber-Resilience and the Electricity Ecosystem initiative brings together a multistakeholder group to collaborate and develop a clear and coherent global cybersecurity vision for the electricity industry.

·       The Future of Electricity

The World Economic Forum's Future of Electricity initiative aims to accelerate energy transition by promoting policies and public and private sector action and collaboration. This includes the creation of roadmaps for policies, market structures and technologies to support the growth and integration of renewable energy supply, electrification and energy efficiency. There are active working groups in India and Brazil.

·       Energy Technology 2030

Energy Technology 2030 is focused on creating an aligned vision for the future cost and performance of key existing energy technologies and their role in the energy transition until 2030.

·       International Energy Community – China

The World Economic Forum is building an international community in China around the energy ecosystem. The aim is to accelerate the pace of global energy transition. Active initiatives include a focus on transformation of the energy industry workforce and the development of a white paper on global energy-related innovations over the last decade.

·       Global Battery Alliance

The Global Battery Alliance aims to build the inclusive, innovative and sustainable battery supply chain.

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