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The Electricity Governors define the industry specific agenda, with a focus on prioritizing solutions that maximize value for the economy, society, the environment and the broader energy system. The group, comprising chief executives and chairs from partner organizations, also contribute to shaping cross-sectoral activities across the World Economic Forum's platform . The community includes Electricity Utility and Energy Technology companies.

Electricity Utility and Energy Technology companies contribute to shaping, leading and engaging in a range of cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder activities to create impact utilizing the World Economic Forum’s platform, including:

·       Net Zero Carbon Cities: An Integrated Approach

Many of the electricity industry stakeholders are involved in developing impact in the area of “systemic efficiency” to create zero-carbon cities, zones and regions. Stakeholders will focus on creating impact by both a) ramping up clean energy and b) maximizing energy effectiveness and efficiencies among the interfaces of energy, buildings and transportation. This is a new initiative, and the Forum welcomes new stakeholder engagement to design the vision and path to impact.

·       Cyber Resilience and Security

The Cyber-Resilience and the Electricity Ecosystem initiative brings together a multistakeholder group to collaborate and develop a clear and coherent global cybersecurity vision for the electricity industry.

Contact: Louise Anderson, Electricity Industry Manager Email:

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