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The Professional Services industry community helps their clients identify and generate the strategic insights and tools they need to create positive impact on industries and society. The Professional Services industry community’s spectrum of expertise means that it actively engages in all Forum Systems Initiatives, regions and communities. 
 Industry agenda The industry agenda is defined by the Professional Services Governors – chief executives and chairs from partner organizations who provide leadership and drive change. The agenda aligns closely with related System Initiatives. Given the community’s proximity to corporate management and boards, the industry agenda seeks to address leadership and governance challenges. For 2018, the Governors will particularly focus on corporate diversity and inclusion.   Making progress in diversity and inclusion The importance and benefits of organizational diversity and inclusion (D&I) are widely acknowledged and exhaustively studied. Yet, corporations still struggle in making genuine progress in their D&I programmes. To assist them in their efforts, the professional services firms will identify and assess corporate best practices for D&I across industries and regions. Findings will be summarized in a leadership guide that will also highlight major implementation levers and barriers at the corporate, sectoral and country level

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