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How Canada Wildfires Are Blanketing New York City in Smog

Wildfires in Canada are blanketing New York City in smog, turning it temporarily into the most polluted city on the planet. The smoke has drifted across the border from Quebec, where around 160 wildfires are burning. Many of the fires were started by lightning strikes. New York City has urged people to limit outdoor exercise and is recommending N-95 masks.

Impact of Canada wildfires on US cities

The air quality in New York City has been so poor that it has been ranked as the worst in the world. The smoke from the Canadian wildfires has made it difficult to see, and people have been advised to stay indoors. The poor air quality has posed a serious health risk for New Yorkers, especially those with respiratory problems.

The smoke from the Canadian wildfires has also affected other US cities, including Detroit, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. The air quality in these cities has also been ranked as poor, and people have been advised to limit their outdoor activities.

The wildfires are also releasing record-breaking quantities of carbon into the atmosphere. This is slowing the fight against climate change.

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Angel Hsu, Diego Manya and Chester Ling

February 6, 2024


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