We need to save our planet from climate change
Davos 2023

Davos 2023: What you need to know about climate, nature and energy

Deep dive

The planet faces numerous interconnected crises including climate change, here's what you need to know about solving them. Image: Unsplash/NASA

World Economic Forum
An infographic showing how gas pries have risen this year.
How gas prices have risen this year and how emissions must be reduced. Image: IEA


How much emissions need to drop by 2030


The number of people that were food insecure in 2021


The number of Africans facing extreme hunger


The share of global emissions from the concrete and cement industry
Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman, Siemens AG


How is the World Economic Forum driving the energy transition?


First Movers Coalition: How investing in tech could save the climate

3 key levers to address the urgent global food crisis


Can we meet the Paris Agreement goal of keeping temperature increases to well below 2°C?

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