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Growth Summit 2023 Day 1: Here's everything you need to know

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Growth Summit 2023: World leaders are coming together to shape innovative solutions and accelerate action for growth, jobs, skills and equity.

Growth Summit 2023: World leaders are coming together to shape innovative solutions and accelerate action for growth, jobs, skills and equity. Image: World Economic Forum

Pooja Chhabria
Digital Editor, World Economic Forum
  • The World Economic Forum's Growth Summit 2023 convenes 2-3 May in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • The summit will focus on three core themes: enabling resilient growth; developing human capital; and accelerating economic equity.
  • Sessions include spotlights on generative AI, the future of growth, creating a future-ready workforce and diversifying innovation.

Welcome to Day 1 of the World Economic Forum's Growth Summit 2023.

Leaders from around the world are gathering in Geneva to discuss and shape a future of work that is inclusive, sustainable, and equitable.

This year's summit revolves around the theme of "Jobs and Opportunity for All" and brings together experts from diverse sectors, including business, government, civil society, academia, and international organizations.

Over the course of two days, participants will discuss topics such as generative AI, the future of growth, creating a future-ready workforce, and diversifying innovation.

Join us as we take you through the highlights of the summit, explore the sessions that may interest you, and invite you to engage in the conversation using our hashtag #GrowthSummit23.


The Growth Summit will advance collaboration and innovation to enable resilient growth, invest in human capital and accelerate economic equity.

Have you read?

The public programme is available on, and you can find more about how to follow the live-streamed sessions below.


How to follow the Growth Summit 2023

Today's session highlights

The sessions start at 9 am GMT+1 with two discussions on climate technology and industrial policy. Other notable highlights include:

With global economic headwinds and a world where finance is much more difficult to come by, what role will trade and investment play in resilient growth?

The public and private sectors working together will be essential, explained participants in this session, as will efforts to bring together the multiple elements that drive global trade - from human capital to natural resources.

Watch the session back or view some of the key quotes on Twitter to learn more.


The challenges facing the global community, particularly in developing countries, were a clear concern in this session.

The path forward needs to consider not only economic growth, but also nature and social and welfare spending, to tackle inequality and poverty, stressed participants. AI and technology will also play a pivotal role, in particular for workers.

To learn more about participants' thoughts on growth and its head- and tailwinds, watch some of the key clips on Twitter.


High interest rates are here for the foreseeable future, participants told this session at the Growth Summit 2023.

The implications of this will begin to extend beyond the banking sector, with changes likely in the structure of the global economy. To find out more about this session, watch some of the key clips on Twitter.


Skills are central to building the businesses and workforces of the future, today's participants argued.

Getting the right mix of skills in the right jobs to support business growth and tackle labour shortages will be a major challenge - but also an opportunity.

Find out more by watching some of the key moments on Twitter.


Education and training needs to change for the jobs of the future, our participants explained.

Traditional models will have to adapt, but, it will also remain the responsibility of employers to provide opportunities and guidance to their staff.

Learn more about the session by watching some of the best clips on Twitter.



From tracking the labour-market impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to exploring key trends in the economic environment, here are the launches to look out for on Day 1 of the Growth Summit.

Future of Jobs

If you missed it, our Future of Jobs Report launched yesterday with key insights from change-makers on the future of jobs and skills over the next five years.

The launch comes amid the backdrop of fundamental changes to the jobs market with visible impacts due to the COVID pandemic, the rise of artificial intelligence and macroeconomic uncertainty. It allows business, government and civil society leaders to take the pulse of their competition and adapt their plans to cherry-pick the best practices of leading firms across the globe.

Meanwhile, individuals can gain insights into which skills will make them most competitive in the labour market in the coming five years. Find out more here.

Chief Economist Outlook

The latest edition of the Chief Economists Outlook explores the key trends in the economic environment, including the likelihood of recession, prospects for growth, inflation, financial contagion and supply chains.

It looks at monetary and fiscal policy as well as the challenges facing businesses and their likely responses in the months ahead.

Putting Skills First - Global Skills Playbook

Adopting a "skills-first" approach has the potential to deliver huge multiple wins - for individuals, for businesses, for our society and the economy.

The World Economic Forum and PwC have collaborated to create a framework for action which businesses and governments can use to shape their 'skills-first' approach. This paper is the first in a two-part series, with the second paper to be launched at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2024.

News from the ground

The World Economic Forum's headquarters in Geneva is all set to host the in-person Growth Summit. And the sun is out!

Image: World Economic Forum/Pascal Bitz

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