This community is a high-level group of peers dedicated to ensuring the long-term sustainability of their industry and society. Industry agenda The community Governors define the industry agenda. The group, comprising chief executives and chairs from partner organizations, closely align the agenda with related System Initiatives. The Governors identified three priorities for 2018: ensuring cyber resilience and security for critical electricity infrastructure, using blockchain to scale renewable energy and the future of electricity. Related Forum projects and activities include:

1. Cyber Resilience and SecurityThe objective of the System for Cyber Resilience – Electricity project is to create a risk framework and associated boardroom tools to share and advance knowledge on cybersecurity risks and risk mitigation for the electricity industry. This boardroom toolkit would enable company leaders to ask pertinent questions and take action to ensure adoption of cyber-resilience strategies. Planned 2018 outputs include a white paper and a working group, which could serve as the start of an alliance for cooperation on these issues.

2. Blockchain for Renewable Energy The Forum’s System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Energy is working in collaboration with the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Blockchain for Renewable Energy project, which aims to explore some of the uses of blockchain for energy and climate, with an explicit focus on initiatives supporting the proliferation of renewables. The project aims to co-design scalable governance protocols and to build a collaborative platform for developing blockchain applications that are critical for the energy grid of the future.

3. The Future of Electricity This project aims to hasten the decentralization, digitalization and electrification of new energy uses such as mobility in order to meet growing energy demand and to contribute to carbon reduction goals. The project work of 2016-2017 developed a multi-stakeholder model and frameworks to accelerate these trends, both at a municipal and national level. The recommendations encompass policy, infrastructure and business models and are outlined in The Future of Electricity: New Technologies Transforming the Grid Edge and in Electric Vehicles for Smarter Cities. In 2017, with the Forum’s support, Colombia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy launched an initiative to implement the national-level framework. The next phase of the project will aim to scale the model and frameworks in new markets at both the municipal and national level.

 4. Autonomous and Urban Mobility This project, which is jointly run by the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Forum’s Mobility System Initiative, aims to bring together government and business leaders to accelerate the implementation of autonomous and shared vehicle fleets to address urban mobility challenges, identify gaps in current governance structures and pilot new policy frameworks and protocols

5. Partnering Against Corruption Initiative PACI is a cross-industry collaboration that works with business leaders, international organizations and governments to address corruption, lack of transparency and emerging-market risks.


6. Partnering to Accelerate Sustainable Energy Innovation This partnership aims to help corporations, governments and innovation alliances work together to accelerate the market entry and scaling up of new sustainable energy technologies and solutions. The project has already identified energy innovation bottlenecks and potential solutions. In 2018, it will support strategies to accelerate the implementation of these solutions. Two partner organizations are supporting the project: Mission Innovation, an alliance of 22 governments and the European Union, and the Hydrogen Council, an alliance of 28 companies working to scale hydrogen deployment in different energy use sectors.

7. Global Battery Alliance The Global Battery Alliance forms part of the System Initiative on Energy and the System Initiative on Economic Progress. It aims to build the inclusive, innovative and sustainable battery supply chain needed to power the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will achieve this by forming a public-private coalition that will develop policy recommendations as well as scale and accelerate efforts to create sustainable batteries.Contact: Kristen Panerali Head of Electricity Industry Email: