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How the Nature Conservancy just saved 'America's Amazon'

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The Nature Conservancy has secured 3,400 hectares of pristine wetlands in Alabama's Mobile Delta. This region, known as "America's Amazon" for its exceptional ecological diversity, is formed by the confluence of the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.

The diverse landscape includes creeks, oxbow lakes, and ponds, providing habitat for more freshwater species than anywhere else in North America.

Mobile Delta and climate change

The wetlands play a vital role in capturing carbon, making the Mobile Delta one of the most valuable sites in the US for combating climate change.

The Mobile Delta boasts an unmatched concentration of freshwater species in North America. This rich biodiversity makes the delta critical for the health of the planet.

The Nature Conservancy's commendable effort

The Nature Conservancy's $15 million purchase, funded through donations and internal resources, brings the total protected area in the Mobile Delta to nearly 45,000 hectares. This achievement reflects over 30 years of dedicated conservation efforts by the Conservancy and its partners.

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