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14 January 2023

Circular Transformation of Industries: Unlocking New Value in a Resource-Constrained World

With an ever-changing landscape in the global economy, industrial companies are forced to rethink their use of resources and their contribution to economic g...

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13 January 2023

Global Lighthouse Network: Shaping the Next Chapter of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A new chapter of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is under way amid continuing major global disruptions that include soaring energy prices and inflation, tal...

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12 January 2023

A Global Rewiring: Redefining Global Value Chains for the Future

The global economy has entered a new mega-cycle characterized by value chain disruptions, resource competition, and climate change. Leading manufacturers are...

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11 January 2023

The Future of Industrial Strategies: Five Grand Challenges for Resilient Manufacturing

The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge’s Industrial Innovation Policy Group, and the United Nations Industrial Developme...

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5 January 2023

The “No-Excuse” Framework to Accelerate the Path to Net-Zero Manufacturing and Value Chains

While many companies have started their journey towards achieving net-zero emissions, no company can manage the transformation of its manufacturing facilitie...

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12 December 2022

Unlocking Value from Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) can enable a new era in the digital transformation journey, offering tremendous potential to transform industries for greater ef...

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14 February 2022

Accelerating the Biomanufacturing Revolution

This report by the World Economic Forum reveals how to accelerate the biomanufacturing revolution and help us address our gravest challenges

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26 January 2022

The Data-Driven Journey Towards Manufacturing Excellence

This white paper sheds light on best practices and real-life use cases implemented by the leading manufacturers that co-developed and applied the framework a...

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21 January 2022

An Additive Manufacturing Breakthrough: A How-to Guide for Scaling and Overcoming Key Challenges

This white paper highlights four best practices and three real-world case studies to show paths for overcoming the prevalent current challenges of Additive M...

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19 January 2022

Augmented Workforce: Empowering People, Transforming Manufacturing

This white paper shows how augmentation technologies assist the workforce to create a future of industrial work that is more productive, accessible, inclusiv...

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18 January 2022

Charting the Course for Global Value Chain Resilience 

This paper builds on the previously introduced resiliency compass and presents five distinct profiles of resilience leadership to help manufacturing and supp...

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13 January 2022

Unlocking Business Model Innovation through Advanced Manufacturing

This White Paper outlines successful case studies from those who have already started to unlock business model innovation through the adoption of advanced ma...

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