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24 August 2023

Finding Pathways, Financing Innovation: Tackling the Brazilian Transition Challenge

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world and the largest economy in Latin America, plays a critical role in the global fight against climate change. As...

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29 June 2023

Central Bank Digital Currency Global Interoperability Principles

The exploration of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) has gained significant momentum worldwide. With over 100 countries actively engaged in CBDC researc...

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25 May 2023

Pathways to Crypto-Asset Regulation: A Global Approach

In the evolving crypto-asset ecosystem, coordinating regulatory frameworks across jurisdictions is a complex and formidable task. Given the unique features o...

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25 April 2023

Blockchain for Scaling Climate Action

The environment and climate sectors require digital transformation to keep up with the changing planetary ecosystem and to coordinate urgent and global actio...

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9 March 2023

Recommendations for the Digital Voluntary and Regulated Carbon Markets

Carbon markets have come under heavy criticism for their lack of transparency, accessibility, equitability and quality. Despite broad corporate interest, the...

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