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22 March 2021

Trendsetters: Transformational Investment Practices of Advanced Investors

This White Paper summarizes the actions asset owners have taken to integrate systemic trends into their investment and risk management processes. It synthesi...

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12 January 2021

The Future of the Corporation Moving from balance sheet to value sheet

The COVID-19 pandemic plus the underlying trends of worsening inequality and climate crisis have forced business leaders to question how they operate: who th...

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28 May 2020

Transformational Investment: Converting Global Systemic Risks into Sustainable Returns

The report identifies six systemic risks and establishes a governance framework to enable the investment community to address risks related to water security...

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24 January 2019

Seeking Return on ESG: Advancing the Reporting Ecosystem to Unlock Impact for Business and Society

Building an Effective Ecosystem for ESG’ - a collaboration between the World Economic Forum and its community - seeks to advance the state of environmental, ...

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19 October 2017

How Global Can Power Local: Harnessing International Investment to Develop Sustainable Local Capital Markets

Through its key recommendations and insights, this paper aims to spark ideas and dialogue that furthers progress toward local capital market development.

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26 May 2017

Case Studies in Retirement System Reform

The challenges of providing ageing societies with a financially secure retirement are well known. In most countries, standards of living and healthcare advan...

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26 May 2017

We’ll Live to 100 – How Can We Afford It?

The challenges we face to provide our ageing societies with a financially secure retirement are well-known. Advances in healthcare, diet and nutrition have i...

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