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20 December 2019

Corporate Mobility Transport Challenge

With the advent of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, the need to accelerate strategies to decarbonize the transport sector, and the growing populari...

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17 December 2019

Exploring International Data Flow Governance

This paper provides insights, developed through expert inputs, on domestic good practices as well as trade policy tools that can help balance facilitating cr...

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11 December 2019

Competition Policy in a Globalized, Digitalized Economy

Features of many digital platforms have led competition authorities to rethink traditional tools. In doing so, they have taken diverse views of the consumer ...

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11 December 2019

Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain for Supply Chains Part 5 – A Framework for Blockchain Cybersecurity

As organizations are experimenting with blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to increase efficiency, it is important to understand the security imp...

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9 December 2019

Global Future Council on Financial and Monetary Systems Vision 2030: A Stocktake

The Forum’s Global Future Council (GFC) on Financial and Monetary Systems takes stock on how the global financial system has evolved since the previous GFC p...

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3 December 2019

Corporate Tax, Digitalization and Globalization

As countries seek to reform international corporate tax rules to address these issues, this paper supports informed debate among non-experts. It has been pro...

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13 November 2019

Responsible Ownership: Reshaping Business as a Force for Good

The purpose of this White Paper is to revisit the roles and responsibilities of family shareholders in today’s context and to propose a forward-looking way o...

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1 November 2019

Supply Chain Collaboration through Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

This report is the result of a collaboration between members of the World Economic Forum Council on Advanced Manufacturing and Production. It summarizes the ...

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1 November 2019

Making Manufacturing Sustainable by Design

Although more than 50% of the world’s total energy is consumed by manufacturing-related activities, advanced manufacturing technologies offer companies drama...

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1 November 2019

A Global Standard for Lifelong Learning and Worker Engagement to Support Advanced Manufacturing

The full benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution can be realized and broadly shared only if the workforce is provided with adequate opportunities for co...

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1 November 2019

Global Technology Governance: A Multistakeholder Approach

The dynamics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution mean that systems of governance are, on the whole, failing to deliver what is needed in terms of minimizing ...

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16 October 2019

Federated Data Systems: Balancing Innovation and Trust in the Use of Sensitive Data

This paper is part of a Forum project, Breaking Barriers to Health Data, in which the health and data-policy communities navigate the complex landscape of da...

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