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26 July 2023

Shared Intelligence for Resilient Supply Systems

This insight report, prepared by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture and other key partners, delves into the Global Supply Resilience In...

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26 July 2023

Guidebook on Facilitating Climate FDI

This guidebook offers step-by-step guidance and best practices to help investment authorities work with the private sector on facilitating climate foreign di...

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6 December 2022

ASEAN Digital Generation Report: Digital Financial Inclusion

This report, written in collaboration with Sea, calls for a targeted and multistakeholder approach to tackling barriers to financial inclusion for the ASEAN ...

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20 September 2022

Accelerating Decarbonization through Trade in Climate Goods and Services

By making climate-friendly technologies more readily available, trade can support climate action, and governments must work together to encourage their uptake.

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12 April 2022

The promise of TradeTech: Policy approaches to harness trade digitalization

This publication identifies the building blocks for TradeTech policy adoption: the 5 Gs of TradeTech. Trade agreements and plurilateral initiatives are explo...

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21 December 2020

Mapping TradeTech: Trade in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This report aims to shed light on the landscape of emerging trade technologies and consider the opportunities and challenges for each, ranging from AI to IoT...

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4 November 2020

Facilitation 2.0: Trade and Investment in the Digital Age

The project was a true co-creation of local and international multi-stakeholders. The report showcases our methodology, the progress made and next steps in t...

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15 October 2020

Advancing Digital Trade in Asia

Digital trade in Asia had been booming even before the COVID-19 pandemic that drove large numbers of firms and consumers online. The region has also been at ...

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2 June 2020

Connecting Digital Economies: Policy Recommendations for Cross-Border Payments

The rapid expansion of access to digital payments has made it possible for consumers to conveniently make purchases for goods and services from merchants aro...

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26 March 2020

How Can Trade Rules Support Environmental Action?

As governments and businesses grapple with the effects of COVID-19, other global challenges remain. Once the immediate crisis abates, countries must intensif...

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3 September 2019

Africa E-commerce Agenda: Roadmap for Action

E-commerce in Africa is well underway, but it has potential to grow, creating new jobs and driving sustainable development. E-commerce stakeholders from with...

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30 November 2016

The Global Enabling Trade Report 2016

At a time of uncertainty, which aspects of trade policy and practice are working well? Our new report

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