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13 July 2021

Governing smart cities: policy benchmarks for ethical and responsible smart city development

This report, Governing Smart Cities, provides a benchmark for cities looking to establish policies for ethical and responsible governance of their smart city...

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6 July 2021

The Resiliency Compass: Navigating Global Value Chain Disruption in an Age of Uncertainty

This paper summarizes insights from senior executives and public sector leaders and introduces the resiliency compass, a new framework for organizations to a...

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29 June 2021

Advancing Digital Safety: A Framework to Align Global Action

The paper invites governments, industry, academia and civil society to drive collective action through the newly launched Global Coalition for Digital Safety.

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18 June 2021

Healthy Cities and Communities Playbook

The Healthy Cities and Communities Playbook provides city leaders with a toolkit and roadmap to start creating, accelerating and sustaining healthy-living en...

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8 June 2021

Decentralized Finance: (DeFi) Policy-Maker Toolkit

This toolkit highlights the distinguishing characteristics and opportunities of decentralized finance (DeFi) while also calling attention to new and existing...

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2 June 2021

Building Back Broader: Policy Pathways for an Economic Transformation

This paper puts forward a set of six pathways to rapidly address longer-term dynamics of recovery while simultaneously building preparedness for future shocks.

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27 May 2021

Infrastructure 4.0: Achieving Better Outcomes with Technology and Systems Thinking

The Infrastructure 4.0 project community was formed to encourage a more holistic, outcome-focused framing for infrastructure. Its members formulated the 13 r...

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12 May 2021

Cyber Resilience in the Oil and Gas Industry: Playbook for Boards and Corporate Officers

To help the energy industry improve its resilience against cyber risk, the World Economic Forum has convened over 40 senior executives to establish a bluepri...

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30 April 2021

Good Data: Sharing Data and Fostering Public Trust and Willingness

This White Paper presents two frameworks as tools for accelerating innovation while building trust: the Trust and Willingness Framework and the Good Data Fra...

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23 April 2021

Resetting Data Governance: Authorized Public Purpose Access and Society Criteria for Implementation of APPA Principles

This publication proposes a systematic approach to implementing APPA and to pursuing public-interest goals through data use. The approach values practicality...

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13 April 2021

Towards Net-Zero Emissions Policy priorities for deployment of low-carbon emitting technologies in the chemical industry

Developed through the World Economic Forum’s LCET initiative, this policy priorities white paper is accessible on the Forum’s digital library and is signed b...

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13 April 2021

Advancing Data Flow Governance in the Indo-Pacific: Four Country Analyses and Dialogues

This White Paper on advancing data flow governance in the Asia-Pacific region explores international and regional best practices in four domestic contexts.

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