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20 July 2021

Future of Reusable Consumption Models

This World Economic Forum report provides an alternative plastic waste-reduction model and presents the Reuse Viability Framework, a tool to help decision-ma...

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14 July 2021

Enabling Investor Stewardship in the Global Public Equity Markets

This paper, developed in collaboration with Oliver Wyman by the World Economic Forum, explores how investors engage with public corporations to enhance long-...

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13 July 2021

Guidelines for a Sustainable Aviation Fuel Blending Mandate in Europe

Developed through the World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow coalition, this policy report is signed by Airbus Group, bp p.l.c., Copenhagen Airport,...

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30 June 2021

Circular Water Cities: A circular water economy for cleaner, greener, healthier, more prosperous cities

This is the first in a series of papers that highlight new ways of thinking about global water resources. The first paper explores circular cities, where the...

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30 June 2021

Powering Sustainable Aviation Through Consumer Demand: The Clean Skies for Tomorrow Sustainable Aviation Fuel Certificate (SAFc) Framework

The Clean Skies for Tomorrow SAFc concept and this report are the product of extensive collaboration and consultation across the aviation value-chain, led by...

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29 June 2021

Digital Culture: The Driving Force of Digital Transformation

This interactive guide, created in collaboration with business executives and academia, presents actionable frameworks and tools for executives to improve di...

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15 June 2021

Country Financing Roadmap for the SDGs: Ghana

The Ghana CFR report is the result of consultations with more than 50 local and global stakeholders - involving public-sector institutions, thought leaders,...

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11 June 2021

Paving the Way: EU Policy Action for Automotive Circularity

This report presents main policy interventions linked to specific EU "lock-in moments" – major policy revision processes – that will set the benefits of a ci...

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10 June 2021

Deploying Sustainable Aviation Fuels at Scale in India: A Clean Skies for Tomorrow Publication

This report is intended to serve as a detailed roadmap to achieve that goal and includes extensive analysis on SAF feedstock availability and sustainability,...

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4 June 2021

Investing in Forests: The Business Case

Investing in forests contributes to tackling nature and climate crises while fulfilling corporate priorities including sustaining business resilience and boo...

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27 May 2021

Nature and Net Zero

This report examines natural climate solutions (NCS), which use nature’s own capacity to absorb and store greenhouse gases to combat climate change.

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25 May 2021

How to Build Trust in Vaccines: Understanding the drivers of vaccine confidence

Low vaccine confidence is one of the world's most pressing public health problems. While it has been a challenge since the first vaccines were invented, in t...

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