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20 September 2021

Delivering a Climate Trade Agenda: Industry Insights

For this report, the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Clifford Chance, interviewed representatives from more than 30 companies to better understan...

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16 September 2021

Digital Traceability: A Framework for More Sustainable and Resilient Value Chains

Leadership teams are facing a pivotal shift. To compete effectively, companies need full visibility throughout their value chains. This paper presents a fram...

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8 September 2021

Empowered Data Societies: A Human-Centric Approach to Data Relationships

This paper provides frameworks, insights, and best practices for public sector employees and elected officials –from mayors and ministers to data scientists ...

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8 September 2021

Guidebook to Digital Inclusion Bond Financing

This Guidebook discusses how the sustainable financings frameworks that have been successfully used (to date) for other purposes can provide a valuable source...

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1 September 2021

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate the Energy Transition

This whitepaper explores the potential of AI for the energy transition and establishes a set of principles to help the energy industry govern and scale AI te...

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31 August 2021

Advancing Supply Chain Security in Oil and Gas: An Industry Analysis

This report is intended as a practical guide for cybersecurity leaders managing third-party cyber risks within oil and gas supply chains.

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11 August 2021

Shared Principles for an Inclusive Financial System

This document has been developed as an initiative of The EDISON Alliance. Seven private sector-led multistakeholder principles for an inclusive financial sys...

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4 August 2021

Towards a Data Economy: An Enabling Framework

Data has the power to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing society. With this background, NITI Aayog and the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Re...

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4 August 2021

Closing the Loop on Energy Access in Africa

This report aims to advance the Global Battery Alliance’s 2030 vision to provide 600 million people with access to electricity via battery deployment.

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27 July 2021

Shifting Global Value Chains: The India Opportunity

In this fast-evolving context, as global companies adapt their manufacturing and supply chain strategies to build resilience, India has a unique opportunity ...

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13 July 2021

Governing smart cities: policy benchmarks for ethical and responsible smart city development

This report, Governing Smart Cities, provides a benchmark for cities looking to establish policies for ethical and responsible governance of their smart city...

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6 July 2021

The Resiliency Compass: Navigating Global Value Chain Disruption in an Age of Uncertainty

This paper summarizes insights from senior executives and public sector leaders and introduces the resiliency compass, a new framework for organizations to a...

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